Herkimer Diamond Swing Earrings
Herkimer Diamond Swing Earrings hanging

Herkimer Diamond Swing Earrings

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Large hand-formed hoops are the framework for three perfectly natural Herkimer Diamonds to swing about. Shiny chains and tiny glints of gold suspend and separate the stones to showcase each ones natural shape. A single Herkimer finishes the look and dangles below. 14K gold over sterling silver.

approx. length: 2-3/4"L, 1-1/2"W

*The Herkimer diamond is actually a double-terminated quartz crystal that was discovered within Herkimer county, New York and is named "diamond" due to it's clarity and natural faceting. 

*Gemstones are natural and no two are alike. Shape and color variations are what give them each character.