I grew up in a family of working artists, so I was naturally guided onto a creative path. I was around the age of ten when I discovered jewelry and beads were my design element. 

Early on, I met a family whose business included buying vintage beads and jewelry in New York City and selling at trade shows around the country, and I worked for them during the summers. I accompanied them on buying trips to long forgotten and untouched warehouse basements, full of vintage gems and jewelry components, in Manhattan's fashion district. On these trips, I learned the history of vintage beads and was able to purchase collections of Swarovski crystals, Czechoslovakian glass pendants, and French-glass beads from the 1890s. This experience solidified my passion for jewelry.

I love jewelry: I dream jewelry. Antique and vintage jewelry first caught my attention, and I will always have an appreciation for their timeless beauty. When creating each of my pieces, I like to let the components dictate the design. As I appreciate many styles of jewelry, I am drawn to clean lines, simple shapes, color and gemstones. These elements — highlighted by intricate twists of fine-gauge gold and silver wire along with shape and color-balance, are a signature element in all of my collections. 

I hope you enjoy my jewelry creations just as much as I have enjoyed searching for their components, bringing them together and creating these timeless pieces for you.

—Jeannine Peace